Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday's Shopping Trip

Today was a fun day out.  We went shopping, and we turned it into a "scan date" using Shopkick and Checkpoints on Josh's iphone.  We were able to get some excellent deals today, and we also walked 3.94 miles, which I consider success!

Our first stop was Walgreens, where we wanted to take advantage of their January coupons expiring. 
We had to do two transactions because our coupons had a limit of 4 per transaction (had I read that before, I could have gotten an even better deal, but I still did well.).

5 Crest Pro-Health (-$2 Walgreens coupon x 5) (-$2 manufacturer's coupon x 5), regularly $4.99, now $.99
4 pencils (original filler) $1/4--I'll take these to school for my students to buy with their tokens in the class store
3 Snickers--these were because I had to do a second transaction after everything else was rung up, and I had $2RR expiring today.  One is for me.  The others will be a special snack I'll send to work with Josh (I send him with snacks every few weeks so that he can resist the temptation of the vending machines at work)
Total:  $2.95 + tax, savings of $25.39

Our next stop was at Wal-Mart, but not to buy anything.  We had a Field Agent job for $4 to take a picture of a makeup display.  It took about two minutes, and then we wandered the store scanning things for Checkpoints.  Between all of our scans and our Field Agent job, we probably earned about $8 today, which was nice.  It's not often you make money shopping.

Then we went to Meijer.  We did two transactions to take advantage of mPerks, as we both had -$1.00 on Oscar Mayer carving board meats (plus -$2 coupons from Facebook).
We purchased:
Brown Rice
2 Packs of tortilla's
5 bananas
2 tomatoes
Romaine lettuce
Russet potatoes
2 sweet potatoes
Frozen gnocchi
3 dozen eggs (1 dozen was free from mPerks on Josh's card--none for me)
2 boxes of Kellogg's cereal, both of which will be free after rebate
Total after coupons:  $27.05 - $21.38 from a giftcard = $5.67 OOP
After rebate for two boxes of cereal ($4.75), we'll have spent $.92!

We went to Marsh for apples, which are $.98/lb.

Total Cost:  $4.16
I'll be using these tomorrow for freezer cooking when I make cooked apples to mix in with baked oatmeal and for apple pie muffins for Josh to take to work on Monday (he apparently volunteered to bring muffins for breakfast).

Target was our next destination. 
I went there planning to buy Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal (if I could find it with the rebate, which, obviously, I did, plus I had a -$1 coupon), Rimmel make up (I had a Target coupon for -$2, plus two -$2 coupons from Facebook, and a BOGO coupon for nail polish from All You), and Shout wipes (-$.50 Target coupon and -$.55 manufacturer's coupon), which will be going to work with Josh.  While scanning items, we came across the clearance shoe section and found each of us a pair of boots (his:  $7.48, mine: $9.98).  Neither of us has a pair of boots, so this was a good deal.  They're not the most beautiful, but they're perfect for shoveling the driveway.
Total:  $19.50 plus tax.  $16.51 after a $2.99 rebate for the cereal.

Our final stop was at Bath and Body Works, which is giving away free candles this weekend.  We both printed the Facebook coupon, so we got 2 free.
These are going into my stocking stuffer box, along with my make up purchase from Target.  These will make great little gifts come Christmas.
Total:  Free (regularly priced $3.50, for a savings of $7)

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